PolyCom Stabilising Aid - highly effective yet simple road stabiliser.

Thank You

Thank you for believing in us

You know who you are and so do we. You wanted to improve your earthworks and get more from your machinery. You wanted to find a better way. And you did.

We are different and so are our customers; open-minded, forward thinking individuals who have proven time and again that materials considered by most as unusable can be stabilised and worked successfully and easily. Together we’ve proved that it really is possible to make a silk purse out of the proverbial sow’s ear. 

Our customers use standard earthmoving gear like graders, excavators and bobcats. Our customers don’t need to use specialised stabilising equipment. Our customers are just every day people who understand that with our product they’ve found a way to make the most of existing material instead of digging it up and replacing it with material carted in from somewhere else.

By adding our product to their earthworks, our customers have become more efficient. They have saved time and costs on trucking, fuel and manpower, water and water carting and they have saved money on quarry material. We know this because, as our customers learned more about using our product, they started to tell others and, even better, they started to tell us. Together, we are talking about how they are using it, about new applications they are trying and about their successes. We recognise that our product is an extension of their work methods and machinery and together we are exploring ideas and ways that our product can get more out of their equipment, time and labour.

This is collaboration; a very powerful and rewarding thing. Our customer may have even beat you on the last tender by talking with us to identify how costs could be cut but still achieve a fantastic result.

We hear often from people who have tried all sorts of different products over the years and they ask us why our product is different from others that claim to do this and that. The reality is most of them underperform or are too technical or material dependent. Our product is the opposite. Easy to use and can be used with a wide range of materials. And then there is us. We know dirt. We know earthworks and we know the importance of practical experience and examples. We put you in touch with one of our customers in your area with a similar situation of work and material so you can compare notes, see for yourself, and make a decision based upon real life examples not just laboratory testing.

It’s important to us that our customers get results on site that allow them to produce workable and practical project outcomes that solve material and logistics problems, cutting costs and providing efficiency gains.

Our customers saw our product in action and understood what could be achieved. With our on-going on site support we will work with you to get desirable outcomes for your next project, be it a small driveway job or a massive freeway construction.

Do away with the expense and fuss of traditional stabilisation. Keep it simple and become a believer.

Significant reduction in fuel costs

Less trucking by using in-situ material

Reduces mud and dust

Roads are less slippery when wet

Special machinery not required

Significant CO2 and water savings

Can be used with non-potable water

Reduced use of natural resources

Reduced sediment run off from roads

Local knowledge and backup

Easy to use with on-site training

Easy to handle and transport

Pre mixed can be stockpiled for up to six months

29 Apr 2012