Highly effective yet simple road stabiliser.  PolyCom Stabilising Aid is proven to decrease the need for maintenance grading by an average of four to six times.


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Civil & Road Construction

  • Sub-grade improvement & capping.
  • Stabilisation & improvement to gravel & crushed rock.
  • Remediation of dispersive soils.
  • Improvements to in-situ ground normally cut to spoil: improving clays, silts, sands and variations of these can deliver useful and workable In-situ ground, saving time and money for the project.

Councils & Shires

  • Wear course upgrade.
  • Pavement stabilisation.
  • Sub-grade improvement.
  • Sediment control.
  • Sustainable asset management.
  • Road Shoulders.

Mining & Gas

  • Road construction and upgrading of haul roads.
  • Improvements to access roads and work areas.
  • Haul fleet cost minimisation.
  • Dust and erosion control.
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PolyCom Stabilising Aid has a pronounced effect on the behaviour of the pavement such that maintenance is dramatically reduced which of course reduces life cycle costs.

What is also remarkable about PolyCom is the simplicity of the whole process from delivery to application. PolyCom is supplied in 2kg bottles, which will stabilise 50m³ or 100 tonnes of material. Again, the application rate is made simple: it is the same for every material. PolyCom was developed this way. So if you are stabilising a 1km long road, 5m wide to a depth of 100mm, you only need 10 bottles, which can be delivered by car.

How can so little go so far? Well, PolyCom is sophisticated in its design and development, but with simplicity of use in mind in every facet of application.


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