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  • Base course preparations
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        PolyCom Soil stabilisation is used by some of the best contractors in Civil engineering pavement works

        PolyCom treated container yard Looking good after 2 Yrs No Maintenance Required ©

        Closeup of PolyCom treated container yard surface after 2 yrs with no maintenance required ©

        Burn Rubber

        Origin Energy Sub-grade improvement - 120,000m2 with PolyCom Stabilising Aid ©

        PolyCom Stabiliser makes a tight durable road surface that resists traffic and water damage ©

        PolyCom treated road survived flooding but untreated shoulders scoured badly.

        PolyCom Stabilising Aid is used to recycle pavement materials

        PolyCom soil stabiliser makes a very tight road surface from poor material ©

        Base Course Preparation

        Haul road shoulders using poor in-situ material made good with PolyCom Soil Stabiliser ©

        PolyCom can easily fix this poor material in a logging road

        Tanami Hwy and PolyCom used in floodways

        PolyCom is delivered in powder form, highly concentrated, we don't sell you water. ©

        Sub-grade CBR doubled in this material enabled engineers to halve the pavement thickness ©

        PolyCom treated road, tight and durable surface ©

        PolyCom makes poor material more workable and easy to use ©

        PolyCom treated road surface up close and personal ©

        PolyCom is ideal for patching works and treating soft spots. 2Kg treats 50 m3 ©

        PolyCom Soil Stabilisation for road construction and civil works ©

        Sustainable pavement design with Australian PolyCom Soil Stabiliser

        Road Stabilising Innovation from Australia

        Stabilising sub standard road material with PolyCom

        Water mix and compact with PolyCom road soil stabiliser

        Blue sky PolyCom Stabiliser in action

        PolyCom stabilising road shoulders

        Bush roads easily improved with PolyCom


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