PolyCom Stabilising Aid - highly effective yet simple road stabiliser.

Council & Shire Road Construction and Maintenance

The delivery of sustainable and OHS compliant works is a high priority. Councils are expected to continually improve procedures for the construction and maintenance of roads and general earth works while considering the environmental and social impact of these works and attempting to minimise the fiscal bottom line.

Ground improvement through sub-grade strengthening and wear course upgrading is a vital part of this constant improvement process. PolyCom Distributors are specialists in this type of work using unique stabilisation techniques and ‘outside the square’ solutions to ground improvement. Our methods are designed to consider and improve the triple bottom line.

We are committed to environmental sustainability and have developed systems and methods that meet sustainable best practice technologies. As Distributors we are perfectly placed to work with Councils and Shires to improve the efficiency and sustainability of general works generating a stronger outcome.

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