PolyCom Stabilising Aid - highly effective yet simple road stabiliser.

Australian network for PolyCom Stabilising Aid

PolyCom Stabilising Aid Nationwide

The strength in PolyCom not only comes from the product, it comes from the experience our specialists have with all materials across Australia. Having installed PolyCom into hundreds of roads and construction projects supporting councils, contractors, miners and engineers in every state and territory - representatives of PolyCom know your conditions, your materials and your specification requirements.

We have grown strong throughout Australia because of the success we and our customers have experienced. Our growth is also due to the versatility of PolyCom in different materials. From Darwin in the top end to Bairnsdale down south and everywhere in between PolyCom will improve materials significantly.

The sharing of information between representatives across Australia is integral to our growth and development. As we and our clients continually learn about how to improve our work methods and constantly develop and improve installation methods and applications in which PolyCom can be used we continually grow as one not independently from state to state.

Have confidence in PolyCom Stabilising Aid’s Australian network.

14 Jun 2012

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