PolyCom Stabilising Aid - highly effective yet simple road stabiliser.

Cost effective, sustainable road stabilisation

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PolyCom Stabilising Aid — cost-effective, sustainable road stabilisation

Shire and council engineers and works supervisors are confronted daily with problematic material and financial considerations when dealing with the construction, repair and maintenance of roads.

In the past this involved engaging specialist contractors, specifying complex mix designs and the costly mobilisation of additional machinery.

Now, PolyCom Stabilising Aid provides a cost-effective and sustainable alternative for sealed and unsealed road maintenance and construction.

PolyCom is suitable for the many different types of material that are encountered in rural road situations, particularly where sourcing good material has become too difficult or costly.

Poor quality gravel or clay materials, which are frustrating to work with and become slippery when wet, can be used successfully with PolyCom. It can be added to sub-grade materials, increasing and preserving the dry strength; it can also be used in crushed rock for sealed and unsealed roads, with outstanding results.

Just two kilograms of PolyCom Stabilising Aid treats 50m3 of road construction material. It is easily mixed with difficult materials by blade mixing with a grader, so bulk tankers and spreader trucks are unnecessary.

Polycom Stabilising Aid does not require specified mix designs or complex spreading procedures, reducing the time and cost of road repair or construction. The results are comparable to traditional stabilising methods, such as lime and cement, but Polycom is easier to use, more economical and non-toxic.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is changing the way engineers, civil contractors and government departments approach road works. PolyCom makes good use of in-situ road materials, overcoming and successfully resolving difficult project scenarios.

All work is supported by experienced on-site consultants, from the first application of PolyCom until your crews and management are comfortable and satisfied with the process and the results.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid provides the answer to costly road maintenance and construction problems, getting the job done simply, within budget and on time, and utilising your existing machinery and staff.

9 Jan 2013

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