PolyCom Stabilising Aid - highly effective yet simple road stabiliser.

Road repair made simpler

Flood damaged road repair made easier with PolyCom Stabilising Aid

2kg pack treats 50 M3 of compacted material

Around Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, councils are repairing and rebuilding roads, shoulders, levees and open drains after some of the worst floods in Australia’s history. Now is the time to add PolyCom Stabilising Aid to the reconstruction process.

Councils will be trucking in huge quantities of material to rebuild, but they can use some of the in-situ material available by adding PolyCom into the process. This drastically reduces the amount of resources spent on trucking material to sites and speeds up the reconstruction procedures.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid comes in 2kg packs for easy handling. It will treat 50m3 of road base or sub grade and though some similar outcomes can be achieved with cement and lime, PolyCom doesn’t need special machinery, it is reworkable at any time and it costs a fraction in freight.

The ease of carrying PolyCom is a huge advantage for emergency projects. 5000tonnes of material can be treated with just 100kg of PolyCom. It can be stored in a water truck or even a site ute. PolyCom works with non-potable water and it is ideal for emergency works or opening grades where flood damage has contaminated material. PolyCom Stabilising Aid makes this material usable.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is significantly cheaper than traditional stabilising. It is non-toxic, biodegradable and won’t harm waterways.

PolyCom treated materials withstand water and traffic damage. The road or levee is repaired and prepared for the next event.

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4 Mar 2012

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