PolyCom Stabilising Aid - highly effective yet simple road stabiliser.

Flood damaged road restoration and prevention

with PolyCom Stabilising Aid

Sales of PolyCom Stabilising Aid are on the rise after recent rainfall events throughout Australia. Councils and shires are recognising that PolyCom treated roads have resisted recent flood damage where other roads have suffered extensive scouring, and shoulder and table drain damage.

When using PolyCom Stabilising Aid, higher levels of compaction are achieved in the initial treatment of materials and once treated, materials are less slippery and less affected by water. The road is almost waterproof.

Our customers are becoming more adventurous and imaginative in their choice of materials to treat with PolyCom. Knowing that PolyCom can be used effectively with materials long considered unsuitable for road construction, councils and shires are boldly using lesser grades of base materials, including clay. The results using lesser grade material and PolyCom exceed traditional methods and even require less maintenance grading.

Ask us for a list of your peers or neighbouring shires that are using PolyCom Stabilising Aid. They’ll tell you that you can use in-situ material, there’s no need for quarry material or special equipment and you can slash your road maintenance budget.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid: your quarry in a bottle.

3 Mar 2012

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