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Road stabiliser conversations

Having a chat about road stabilising alternatives

A recent PolyCom Stabilising Aid demonstration in central NSW was attended by many council members and works officers. Some were new to the product, whilst others already use it on their unsealed roads. When the conversation turned to PolyCom, the following commentary was overheard amongst the crowd.

Q: “Why use PolyCom instead of other road stabilisers?” 

The answer given was that the guys in the road crew can keep PolyCom in the work ute, and use it at a moments notice should the need arise. In addition, the ease of use with a dry spreader is simple and takes no time to apply.

The second reason was that other products come in bulk bags, requiring a forklift or dedicated spreader truck to apply with cost featuring as a major barrier.

“It’s just easier and simple to use, and that’s why we stick with it,” said one attendee. “We’ve tried everything else and nothing compares for ease of use and speed of application, twice as quick and half the cost ”

Q: “How do you know how much to use? It looks complicated to work out because of the tiny quantity required.”

The answer given was that one 2kg pack will treat 50 cubic metres or 500 square metres at 100mm depth. It doesn’t get much simpler than that! You can call the guys at any time if you have any doubt, and they will come to site if you need them to. But mostly we can sort it out over the phone because they come with the PolyCom on the first and subsequent jobs so we know them personally from that visit.

Q: “How do we know we’ve got it right when we have finished?”

“You’ll know the difference when you apply PolyCom,” one council works officer explained. “One of our top grader guys says he always has to knock it down a gear when the PolyCom starts working, as it makes the material stiffer and easier to lay out, and it goes down quickly.”

Q: “Our enviro people are a bit fussy about what we use in a lot of the water catchment and cropping areas around here. How does it go near waterways and farming?”

The answer is that PolyCom is fully OHS and environment compliant, and backed up by the documentation to prove it. PolyCom is used in underground mines, so it must be safe and clean to use.

Think about the fact that one 2kg pack will treat 100 tons of material - that means it works at 20 parts per million. There really is nothing like it.

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21 Jul 2014

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