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IPWEA’s 2014 Sustainability Conference

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IPWEA’s 2014 sustainability conference facilitatesreal, practical change

As IPWEA’s Sustainability in Public Works Conference drew to a close on Tuesday 29th July 2014, facilitator Gerry Gannon hosted a final workshop session for councillors, managers, planners and engineers attending the event.

“Now we want you to go back to your workplace and make a real, practical difference,” said Gannon. During the final panel discussion, attendees took the opportunity to consolidate all they had seen and heard into practical initiatives to share with colleagues and peers.

“We’re going to focus on the two questions that go to the heart of why we are here,” Gannon explained. “What should public works professionals be doing to enhance the sustainability of public infrastructure and local communities? What are the most effective ways to convince elected officials, senior management or the community that considering sustainability makes for better outcomes?”

IPWEA (Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia) provides member services and advocacy for those delivering public works and engineering services to communities in Australia and New Zealand. With presentations from over 90 speakers, the Coolangatta/Tweed Heads conference was an opportunity for delegates to make sense of current sustainability and community developments, and takeaway knowledge and ideas that can facilitate real change.

According to Professor John Martin of LaTrobe University and ACELG, the projects presented at the conference were ‘qualitatively better’ than at IPWEA’s previous Coffs Harbour event in 2008. “The profession has embraced the challenge”, Martin said.

Maurice Serruto, Technical Manager for conference sponsor Earthco Projects, praised IPWEA and East Coast Conferences for a well-run, informative event.

“We spoke with attendees from across Australia and New Zealand who were interested in the sustainable benefits of PolyCom Stabilising Aid - both environmental and financial,” said Serruto. “It was encouraging to meet people who are genuinely looking for more sustainable ways to manage public infrastructure; in our case council roads.”

Earthco Projects’ sustainable road stabiliser generated great interest in the tradeshow area. PolyCom delivers significant benefits by strengthening the existing road materials to increase the integrity of the road, allowing asset managers to realise financial savings that can then be channelled into other critical infrastructure projects.

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6 Aug 2014