PolyCom Stabilising Aid - highly effective yet simple road stabiliser.

Sustainable road budget

Solution for tight Council road budgets

The tough new federal budget highlights the need to cut costs. To do this, Councils must replace traditional approaches with innovative new alternatives to meet budget bottom line and community expectations.

Road maintenance on unsealed roads is no exception. The cost of raw materials continues to rise, and roads are degrading faster than they can be maintained. Residents on the fringe of urban environments are demanding higher quality roads and more frequent maintenance.

But how do you manage unsealed road maintenance when resources are limited and money is tight? Fortunately, like many Shires faced with this situation, a growing number of Councils have discovered a cost saving solution.

Take the example of a central Victorian Shire Council. By stabilising just one road with PolyCom Stabilising Aid, they saved maintenance costs of $8,900 in nine months. How did they do this? The Council decided that their traditional unsealed road maintenance practise of re-sheeting was unsustainable due to the high cost, use of scarce material and repeated disruption to road users. After evaluating the options, the Shire found that stabilising the existing road with PolyCom was the answer.

This innovative soil stabiliser strengthens the pavement and creates a tightly-bound surface, reducing water infiltration and surface deterioration. The workability and performance of sub-standard materials can be vastly improved, negating the need to source and import costly new materials.

In this Shire’s case, PolyCom was simply applied by Council’s works crew and blended with the in-situ road material using their own equipment.

The cost savings speak for themselves. Prior to treating with PolyCom, this road was graded six times per year at a cost of $10,700 per annum. In the nine months since PolyCom was applied, the same road has only been graded once at a cost of $1800. And that’s just one road! The Shire plans to expand the program across the road network, representing massive savings for Council and the community.

By using PolyCom, the Council has achieved a true triple bottom line win: reduced cost, reduced use of raw materials and enhanced social amenity.

PolyCom produces stronger, longer lasting roads that are resistant to water damage and traffic wear. And as this Council has experienced, the ratepayers have stopped complaining! PolyCom is environmentally, financially and socially sustainable. The bottom line - PolyCom will save you time and money.

As Councils continue to address pressing road problems, a Council near you is achieving sustainable gains with PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

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20 May 2014

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