PolyCom Stabilising Aid - highly effective yet simple road stabiliser.

Earthco Projects are a finalist in 2013 Premiers Sustainability Award

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PolyCom Stablising Aid, distributed throughout Victoria and NSW by Earthco Projects has been named a finalist in the Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards for 2013.

PolyCom is predominately used for unsealed rural road construction and maintenance but has many other applications including sealed road construction, embankment stabilisation, rural airport strips and transport yard hardstands.

Sustainability Victoria CEO, Stan Krpan, congratulated the Earthco Projects' team for their innovative product and said they were an excellent example of leadership in sustainability. PolyCom “has been recognised by the awards judges in the Innovative Products and Services category for their outstanding contribution to sustainability. The vision and innovation shown by all finalists is what makes Victoria an international leader in sustainability,” he said. 

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is an effective, financial and practical, alternative to resheeting rural roads. PolyCom enables road crews to re-use existing road materials rather than importing material from quarries. It’s advantages include water resistance, water savings during road construction, reduced dust generation from unsealed roads, reduced maintenance activities for unsealed roads, reduced sediment run-off into table drains and waterways, and ease of use with minimal OHS issues.

There are 73,000km of unsealed roads in Victoria alone. If just 5% (3500km) of these roads are treated with PolyCom instead of resheeting with imported gravel the community would save $45m.

3,150,000 tonnes of gravel would not have to be quarried and transported to site

135,000 heavy truck trips would not be required and would not damage the roads

22,000 tonnes less carbon would be emitted into the atmosphere

Throughout Australia councils and industry are using PolyCom Stabilising Aid in their earthworks. They are creating safer rural roads with stable surfaces. Representatives of PolyCom are available for consultation in every state. Our consultants will work with your road crew until they are confident that they can get the best out of PolyCom for their needs.

PolyCom is environmentally sustainable and we know that it is financially sustainable too. How many kms of road are you responsible for? PolyCom can ease your burden.

29 Sep 2013

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