PolyCom Stabilising Aid - highly effective yet simple road stabiliser.

2013 MWOA Conference and Sustainable Roads using PolyCom Stabilising Aid

Earthco Projects presented PolyCom Stabilising Aid at the National Works and Engineering Conference, Bendigo Exhibition Centre, 26th to 27th September.

50 delegates attended a presentation on sustainable roads using PolyCom Stabilising Aid given by Earthco Project’s Technical Manager Maurice Serruto. Serruto discussed the problems of unsealed road construction and maintenance faced by councils in Australia; the sheer amount of roads, traffic and water erosion and the cost of re-sheeting and submitted PolyCom Stabilising Aid as a viable solution. His paper was very well received and will be available through the MWOA website shortly.

For the first time the MWOA and Earthco Projects collaborated for the MWOA Student Scholarship 2013. The award is available for student members of the MWOA to encourage professional development.

This year Stuart Russell of Yarra Ranges Shire was the scholarship recipient of $2,500 and his scholarship award was presented by MWOA Chief Executive Officer Stephen Robertson on behalf of the MWOA and Earthco Projects. Stuart will learn more about more about the benefits of additives such as PolyCom Stabilising Aid which can improve the effectiveness of naturally occurring road base materials.

3 Oct 2013

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