Innovation on unsealed roads


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Councils rise to the innovation challenge, delivering more with less

For many councils road maintenance is the biggest drain on financial resources. And despite deteriorating road networks, it is often the case that road budgets are shaved as other priorities demand attention. Under these challenging conditions, councils must rise to the challenge to deliver more with less.

Since its introduction to local government 12 years ago, in-situ road stabilisation with PolyCom Stabilising Aid has provided many councils with a means to get more out of unsealed road budgets by reducing maintenance on unsealed roads. Whilst existing road maintenance practises demanded regular grading intervals and gravel re-sheeting, PolyCom enables councils to forgo much of the cost of re-sheeting and maintenance grading whilst improving the quality of local roads.

PolyCom is a high-quality polymer road stabilisation additive that is engineered and manufactured in Australia for local conditions. PolyCom binds the existing materials in the road to build a more resilient, water resistant pavement.

Early adopters of the innovative PolyCom stabilising practise report a reduction in unsealed road maintenance grading from four to six times a year to just once. In some situations, gravel is no longer needed to re-sheet the road. Over the years, the extension of grading intervals has enabled many councils to vastly improve the standard of unsealed roads across the entire road network.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid has stood the test of time, delivering significant financial savings for local government.

With an unwavering commitment to customer service, PolyCom consultants provide extensive assistance, expertise and advice for work supervisors and crews on the ground to ensure immediate results and long term savings.

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