PolyCom Stabilising Aid - highly effective yet simple road stabiliser.

Road stabiliser PolyCom protects sealed road from West Australia flooding

This PolyCom-stabilised road has survivedwidespread flooding in Western Australia. Erosion stops where PolyCom treatment begins.

Approximately 18 months ago, this section of road in Western Australia was treated with PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

Australian made PolyCom was blade mixed into the region’s naturally occurring materials, before the road was compacted and thensealed.

A haul route for heavy trucks and b-doubles, the road services a cattle feed lot.

Running through a natural basin, the road is susceptible to flood damage.

As can be seen in the photographs, the sealed road has scoured back to where the PolyCom layer was put in.

“There's no punching of aggregate, no deformation, and no lifting of the seal,” says Paul Bright from Betta Roads, who worked with the council to apply PolyCom Stabilising Aid during re-construction of the road.

“All in all the treated section remains untouched.”

PolyCom binds the road materials tightly to produce a stronger pavement that is more resistant to water ingress and heavy traffic wear.

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7 Mar 2017

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