PolyCom Stabilising Aid - highly effective yet simple road stabiliser.

Civil roadworks contractors and subdivision specialists

benefit from PolyCom Stabilising Aid

Civil roadworks contractors and subdivision specialists can improve the workability and performance of sub-standard and difficult to work with materials by adding PolyCom Stabilising Aid during the initial construction phase of projects.

2kg of PolyCom Stabilising Aid treats 50m3 of road construction material. No specialised equipment, mix designs or complex spreading procedures are required. A significant increase in CBR can be achieved with potential reductions in the thickness of the pavement design.

Managing subdivision sites is made easier by stabilising material with PolyCom Stabilising Aid. There is improved traction and the performance of roads, temporary or permanent is vastly improved.

Significant water savings can be achieved during construction and PolyCom can be used with non-potable water. Studies have shown that using PolyCom Stabilising Aid to stabilise material will reduce carbon emissions.

3 Mar 2012

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